Gamifying the Ocean
November 2017  ||  Boston Review

The Millennials Issue: Myths and Truths About Our Generation
May 2017  ||  The Boston Globe Magazine

The Brain Benefits of Having Buddies
March 2017  ||  The Boston Globe Magazine

Can Post-Apocalyptic Art Be a Force for Social Change?
December 2016  ||  Pacific Standard

Burj Khalifa: Alone at the Top of the World
August 2016  ||  Catapult

Caddying Your Way to the Top
August 2016  ||  The Billfold

Beyond Digital vs. Print: On How We Consume Media
June 2016  ||  The Millions

Social Intelligence Firms Want to Map the World’s Biggest Spenders
April 2015  ||  Quartz

The Ping to Prayer
February 2015  ||  The Atlantic

Meet the People (and Robots) Who Pack Your Online Orders 
December 2014  ||  The Atlantic

Why You Should Get Paid to be on Facebook
October 2014  ||  The Daily Dot

How Secret Societies Stay Hidden on the Internet
July 2014  ||  The Atlantic

Imagining the Internet
May 2014  ||  Mulberry Fork Review

Business Academia Grapples With “Ethical” Curriculum
July 2013  ||  The Gould Standard (NYU Stern newspaper)

Of Labour, Unions and 3D Printing
May 2013  ||  Arbitrage Magazine

“Mad Men” Mirrors Modern Capitalism
April 2013  ||  Arbitrage Magazine

In the Arabian Desert, a Living Laboratory
February 2013  ||  Arbitrage Magazine

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz Wants to Save America
December 2012  ||  Arbitrage Magazine

A Glimpse Behind Wall Street’s Fratty Facade
June 2012  ||  USA Today


The Mother of Czech Prose: A Review of ‘The Bitter Life of Božena Němcová’ by Kelcey Parker Ervick
February 2017  ||  Redivider

Society is Rigged: A review of ‘How to Set a Fire and Why’ by Jesse Ball
July 2016  ||  The Los Angeles Review of Books

Scratching at the Wall: A Review of ‘Her 37th Year: An Index’ by Suzanne Scanlon
October 2015  ||  3:AM Magazine

The World as Conspiracy Machine: ‘Glow’ by Ned Beauman
July 2015  ||  Electric Literature

‘Anomie’ by Jeffrey Lockwood
July 2015  ||  Necessary Fiction

NYC Lit Mag Delivers Diverse Experimental Forms and Risky Words
Winter 2014  ||  The Review Review

New Brazilian Online Lit Mag Features Glimpses of Late-Modern Identity
Fall 2014  ||  The Review Review


PayPal Co-Founders Peer Into ‘the Future of Western Civilization’
October 2014

The Hideous Inequality Exposed by [the Coverage of] Hurricane Sandy
November 2012

Fox Apologizes After Broadcasting a Suicide. What Are They Sorry About?
September 2012

Miranda July’s Modern Understanding of “Entitlement”
April 2012

The Dark Fun of “A Clockwork Orange”
February 2012

A Brief Study in Apple and Advertising: Minimalism Doesn’t Always Work
August 2011

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