The Hideous Inequality Exposed by [the Coverage of] Hurricane Sandy

Posted by on November 2nd 2012 @ 1:24 pm

Below is a screenshot of a Reuters article, written by David Rhode (@RhodeD), and re-posted on The Atlantic website. The article is titled “The Hideous Inequality Exposed by Hurricane Sandy.” It discusses the vast differences in circumstance that the rich vs non-rich, wealthy vs poor, haves vs havenots, whatever you want to call it, faced in the wake of Sandy.

Beneath the article’s headline is a stunning photograph of a powerless lower Manhattan. Glowing bright orange amidst all that darkness is a swanky-looking building. It’s the Goldman Sachs building.

If this disturbs you, you’re not alone. The day of the storm, Brooklynite Ken Shadford (@kenshadford) tweeted: “The fact that the NYU hospital is dark but Goldman Sachs is well-lit is everything that’s wrong with this country.”

The screenshot below reveals an interesting extension of Shadford’s pious anger. Rhode’s article — the topic of which seems to be speaking directly to Shadford’s tweet, and which uses a photograph that perfectly displays the paradox — never once mentions Goldman Sachs. Moreover, in the webpage’s right sidebar is a self-advertisement for The Atlantic‘s latest cities-related project: “Progress & Renewal: Stories of Urban Reinvention.” Displayed prominently in the ad is the sponsor of this project: Goldman Sachs.

It’s almost too much convoluted irony to digest.


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